www.nedesigz,com  a retail venture of NeDesigz AND NeDesigz UK Ltd, founded by Biju Mathew, experienced from India’s leading textile manufacturing companies, textile industry,  more than 24 years. We NeDesigz created men’s and women’s clothing brands with the goodness and flaws extracted from my 24 years of experiences.

Initially we started as a  fabric supplier selling small quantity of fabrics, to local garment manufactures and brands,  managed to supply India’s prominent brands and exporters from STeP certified facilities, due to the Covid lockdown we started to manufacture our own nightwear brand  La Serranilla ® from the fabric manufactured for nightwear brands, unable to deliver due to the pandemic.

We have three brands, La Serranilla ® for women’s, Alex McLean ® for men’s  clothing’s  AND OdorFresh~N30® NatureFresh Technology- Processing of NeDesigz fabrics with extracts of Lemongrass and Neem oil.  An antimicrobial agent is defined as a natural substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae.

 Fabrics with OdorFresh~N30® manufacturing for the few prominent brands in India, UK, and exclusively for La Serranilla ®  Antimicrobial undergarments( happening).

Garment manufacturing idea came from wife Shyla, who’s working in healthcare sector, currently with Cloudnine Group of Hospitals is a chain of maternity, childcare, and fertility hospitals headquartered in Bengaluru.

Shyla is the backbone of NeDesigz,for design and quality, all the products reach you from the caring hands of Shyla, with same passion from her healthcare field, made with love, using personally and  satisfied  under our brand names of La Seranilla ®.


All our garments are Azo-Free AND it will be.

A groups of synthetic chemical-based dyes are better for the environment than the usual conventional dyes that are available easily. Not only do they complement the sensitive skin but also help in taking a step forward towards sustainability and protecting the environment.

  •  Their higher absorption rate reduces the use of chemicals and gives out lesser water wastage into the environment. The absorption rate into the clothing goes up to 70%, making the dye eco-friendly.
    •  These dyes do not contain the use of heavy metals, which makes it more sensitive towards the environment as well as human health.
    •  Azo-free means the compound that doesn't include harmful and toxic chemicals like bleach and nitrogen. People with chemically sensitive skin can wear these dyes without worrying about the impact it's going to have on their skin.

NeDesigz’s top priority is our customer families- We committed for your health and this beautiful environment.

We made this possible, that the NeDesigz  garments are made from NeDesigz Fabrics, manufacture exclusively  from Yarns stages to the garments, 95% of products used in our garments including the Garment Accessories  are Azo-Free*.

*Find the Azo-Free hang tag for Azo-Free garments and 3D Holograms stickers  for the authenticity of all Original NeDesigz products.

Fabrics used for La Serranilla ® Fashion Jeggings

are made from Imported fabrics, which we can’t guarantee as Azo-Free.

Looking at the initial response to our designs, customer service and overall customer happiness, NeDesigz  expanded the production of our  Sleepwear’s and Loungewear’s in September  2020.

Over the years since then, we have serviced more than 15000 customers offline  all over India and UK shipped Nighty’s  and  Sleepwear’s.

We believe in manufacturing from the finest cotton, Azo-Free products at the most reasonable pricing, making luxury sleepwear and loungewear’s are accessible to most of our customers.

Currently we are in the process to obtain OEKO-TEX® MADE IN GREEN for our brands, from Hohenstein GmbH, is a traceable product label for all kinds of textiles and leather products that have been manufactured in environmentally friendly facilities under safe and socially responsible working conditions. The MADE IN GREEN label also reassures consumers that the textile or leather product is made of materials that have been tested for harmful substances.

Biju is the brains behind the procurement, website development, digital marketing and logistics part of the business, being from a background in textile manufacturing business, definitely helped in planning and on time shipments of our products.

We are still a small business learning every day and we want to say "Thank You" to each and every one of our customers in the last one year who have made a significant contribution in supporting over 27 karigars and their families, directly  where every product is manufactured from (Yarns/Knitting/Dyeing/Stitching/Packing and Marketing) with lots of love and  perfection.

We hope to continue our journey and grow the NeDesigz family to a million happy customers very soon.

There will be an exclusive benefits plan  for each and every NeDesigz customer family, from the caring hands of Shyla.

  • NeDesigz Care:- For every moms of NeDesigz member family– are eligible for special gifts from NeDesigz, which contains “ A MOMMY PACK  ” with free shipping.

A gift bag contains La Seranilla ® nighties specially designed  for feeding mom’s, can be obtain by submitting  a copy of Birth certificate * of  Baby through our customer care number/Email.



Don’t consider this is Fee BUT  a strong feeling of appreciation from NeDesigz,  For our new mom’s from your Chief designer SHYLA.

*Subject to verification and NeDesigz  has the full rights to approve/terminate this offer any time.

 Thank you for reading our story and supporting our small business, we would like to welcome you to the NeDesigz family.

With Love

Shyla & Biju.